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Points North Creative

Now in it’s 14th year, Points North Creative,promotes and celebrates northern arts and culture though national and international events and exhibitions.  Points North assists arts organizations and artists in achieving their mandates and goals.

Lynn Feasey


Lynn Feasey is the owner of Points North Creative Inc., based in Canada.  Points North promotes arts and culture through national and international events and exhibitions. Lynn has worked with museums and galleries across the country and has developed relationships with both visual and performing artists both in Canada and abroad.


Lynn has taken the lead in many arts and cultural roles in her career. With a speciality in Inuit and northern indigenous art,  she has traveled to many small art-producing communities across Canada’s arctic for a greater understanding of what it takes to produce visual art in Canada’s Arctic regions. As an Artistic and Creative Director, Lynn’s passion is bringing together a diverse array of artists from around the world to share in a greater conversation of what makes the arts essential to our collective culture.  She works with arts organizations, government, and directly with artists in her efforts to promote and develop the arts and culture industry. (read full bio)