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About Lynn Feasey

photo by Pat Kane

Lynn Feasey is the owner of Points North Creative Inc., a Canadian based company that promotes arts and culture through national and international events and exhibitions. Lynn has worked with government, organizations, museums and galleries worldwide. She is known for her work in Canada’s north, and has developed solid working relationships with both visual and performing artists in the arctic regions and abroad.

Lynn has taken the lead in many arts and cultural roles in her career. With a speciality in Inuit and northern aboriginal art,  she has traveled to many small art-producing communities across Canada’s arctic for a greater understanding of what it takes to produce visual art in Canada’s Arctic regions.

As an Artistic and Creative Director, Lynn’s passion is bringing together a diverse array of artists from around the world to share in a greater conversation of what makes the arts essential to our collective culture.  

She works with arts organizations, government, and directly with artists in her efforts to promote and develop the arts and culture industry – most notably developing and implementing a five year tactical arts marketing campaign for the Government of the Northwest Territories visual arts (

Lynn was internationally recognized for her work as the visionary and Creative Director of Canada’s Northern House, the pan-territorial Olympic Pavilion for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, which resulted in a ‘Gold Medal’ win for best Olympic Pavilion for the territories.  In addition, she and her team created and implemented a retail program for visual artists, which resulted in tremendous exposure and retail sales for northern artists.


“Your vision, hard work and dedication extended well beyond the ordinary client/contractor relationship to make Canada’s Northern House an achievement that presented our Territory on a world class scale. It beautifully told our story.”

Robert R. McLeod, Premier of Canada’s Northwest Territories

“Lynn has extensive in depth passionate knowledge of the history and current trends of northern art. Lynn delivers innovative and effective solutions to the issues faced with marketing northern art. She has demonstrated knowledge of cross cultural skills and is successful in working with northern artists to maximize market potential and economic benefit.”

Dushyenth Ganesan, Department of Economic Development and Transportation, Government of Nunavut.