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NEW on the site: Facebook Feed

Posted on by Lynn Feasey

Starting now you’ll just see longer blog posts/articles on the blog, and news items, videos, links, etc on the Facebook Feed. Nice and simple. Happy reading!

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A new showcase for Inuit Art at WAG

Posted on by Lynn Feasey

The Winnipeg Art Gallery designs a new showcase for Inuit art
Architect Michael Maltzan’s new vision for the Winnipeg Art Gallery focuses on making Inuit culture visible to the city at large Continue reading

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Judith Varney Burch

Posted on by Lynn Feasey

While it may be true that she cannot sew a button, she really does she know her textiles! My friend, colleague and charmingly nutty Nova Scotia ‘neighbour’, Judith Varney Birch….

Arctic art presented with passion
“Do you know how long it takes to make an igloo?” Curator Judith Varney Burch knows from personal experience. Read on to learn more about igloos, Inuit art and her burning passion for the cold north. Continue reading

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