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Points North Creative works with artists and arts organizations to help achieve their respective goals.


“I have had the opportunity to work with Lynn several times over the past 7 years as my career has grown from emerging artist to a professional artist represented across Northern and Western Canada. I love working with Lynn because she is so approachable and supportive. As an emerging artist trying to figure out the ropes of the “business” of art, it can be very intimidating. Lynn has a demeanour that makes you feel confident and comfortable to ask any question. I have found her advice to be invaluable, she is able to explain the business side that you don’t find in books. Understanding the etiquette of the gallery/artist relationship. Understanding the difference in the artist/gallery relationship between public and commercial galleries. What are the expectations of both the artist and the gallery in this relationship. Often these details are not written in a contract, but if you don’t understand how it works it can be very hard to cement any initial meeting with a gallery or curator into a lasting professional relationship. Lynn is also great in advising how to self promote and brand yourself, and can suggest where you might send proposals that would be a good fit for you work.

When I first met Lynn I was showing art in the local coffee shop. Over the years she has given my invaluable advice that has played a big role in helping me grow my career. I now have gallery representation in three province/territories, I have done a solo touring show to public galleries and museums, group and solo gallery shows, exhibited at art festivals, international art fairs, cultural events at the National Art Centre in Ottawa, and the Vancouver Olympics. I am currently prepping my first international solo exhibit.
I highly recommend Lynn and her expertise in helping any artist navigate the stepping stones to success.”

Jennifer Walden, visual artist.

“As a Northern Canadian Jewellery Designer who works in a specialized, niche market, I have had the pleasure of working directly with Lynn throughout the past ten years. She has helped me to create marketing and promotion plans that have contributed largely to my business success. She is insightful, detailed and forward-thinking but she also comes with barrage of experience having promoted Northern Canadian art and it’s artists for the past 20 years. That’s passion and dedication and that’s someone you want working with you to grow what you, as an artist, are most passionate about… your art.’

Jamie Look, Jamie Look Designs