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Artists from Nunavut and the NWT were commissioned to paint the architectural columns in Canada’s Northern House.

Art from Canada’s Northwest Territories, Yukon and Nunavut, can be difficult to find.  Often artists live remotely, without regular communications, making it hard for galleries to establish contact and relationships.  With over ten years of experience working with northern and aboriginal artists from across the territories, Points North can successfully guide galleries wishing to represent artists from these regions.

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(artists from L to R:  Bill Nasogaluak, NWT, Ann Timmins, NWT, Andrew Qappik, NU, and apprentice Henry Mike, NU.)

Traditional arts and crafts abound in Canada’s northern territories – from fine sculpture, drawings and prints in Nunavut, Dene moosehair tuftings, beadwork and birch bark baskets (as well as a breadth of non traditional arts) in the NWT, to extraordinary wood carvings from Yukon First Nations – we are rich with arts and culture.

Raven and Frog panel by Jared Kane, YT

Yukon First Nations artist, Fred Stick